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Twitter Rolls Out Photo Sharing to All Users

Twitter Rolls Out Photo Sharing to All Users
Twitter’s photo-sharing and uploading service is now available to all users, Twitter has confirmed. The feature, which made its debut in early June, allows users to add images to their tweets. Users will now find a camera icon on the bottom of the “What’s Happening?” box on Click…


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Never Give Up (But do be open to learning.)

via (professionality)

Never Give Up (But do be open to learning.)

via (professionality)

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Voice of a Shadow:

My name is Jenna Parysek, and I am entering my fourth year at RIT studying Industrial Design. In addition to my love for Industrial Design, I am also a student of Graphic Design ang Marketing. I hope to someday apply these fields together in an environment that will allow me to truly enhance how people experience daily life. I recently spent a day in the life of a designer at RES Exhibits, and here are my experiences: 

“Never a dull moment” seems to be the motto of the RES design team - an endless whirlwind of creative energy and exciting problem solving lives in their offices. I was recently given the opportunity to shadow the RES design team for a day, and was very excited to have the opportunity to view what happens inside the RES world first hand.

First, I observed the designers at work. Being involved in three projects at once with an incredible amount of detail work would seem stressful to most, but the designers of RES handle their workload with a cool focus. Although they were under a tight timeline, it was evident that they would accept nothing less than perfection. The purely creative aspect of the job clearly gave them drive, and it was wonderful to experience the conceptual energy in the offices. 

To take a virtual tour of RES, click here.

In addition to observing inside of the design area, I got to experience an RES sales pitch to an existing client. I truly saw how the whole team takes their role as “brand ambassadors” to heart, shown by their carefully executed plans for the newly branded identity of local Rochester business, Bausch & Lomb. While still keeping with their client’s budgeting concerns, the designers behind RES new design were able to come up with three concepts that made use of their new image while continuing to utilize existing pieces and properties of the exhibit. 

Personally, I found it exciting that the designer who came up with the concept was fresh out of college. The thought of immediately creating work for a real world application is very appealing for a design student! It was wonderful to see that each member of the team is involved in the conceptual creation of the exhibits.

Finally, I had the opportunity to speak with the Marketing Coordinator about her new approaches to bringing the attention of the community and new business to RES. As a student of marketing in addition to design, it was very interesting to learn how she builds and maintains relationships with other businesses (as opposed to consumers). Again, I was surprised to see how young she was, and already a key member of the RES team! When asked to describe a typical day for the office, she explained what is now evident: there is no such thing as a typical day at RES. With countless incoming projects that need to be solved creatively and efficiently, the team is always moving and doing something new.

In an environment that thrives on such creativity and movement, there is no place an aspiring designer could feel more at home. I was glad to have a small part in their busy day.

Signing off,

Jenna Parysek aka: RES’ Voice of a Shadow

To learn more about RES Exhibits, click here.

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Not bad advice…

Not bad advice…

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County Executive Maggie Brooks Comes to RES to Talk Community, Technology & New Jobs

Have you heard? Rochester, NY has been getting some pretty well deserved press lately.

Rochester was recently named the #1 Most Livable Bargain Market by MSN Real Estate! In addition to having “big-city culture, a highly educated population, picturesque scenery, affordable housing and an expanding high-tech job base,” we are filled with businesses creating new job opportunities and a local government excited to meet and support our business and work force. 

On July 6th, County Executive Maggie Brooks stopped into the RES corporate headquarters (located in downtown Rochester) for a meet and greet and to learn more about a local company who has survived the economic storm and is growing and adding new jobs to the Rochester community. 


To view more photos of Maggie Brooks’ visit to RES, Click Here.

Here we talked about the our involvement with the community, technology developments in the trade show industry, how we as a company were able to come out on top after some tough times with a struggling economy, and the new jobs that we are looking to fill! As a company, RES Exhibits has had over 40 years of experience in the events marketing industry, and has based itself in the heart of downtown Rochester. Our company was able to get its start by partnering with local brands, such as Bausch + Lomb, and assisting with their trade show program.

Another partnership that has lead to the success of RES’ is our pairing with the RIT Industrial Design department. Here we offer co-ops, internships, and one-on-one experience in the classroom developing the newest and brightest up and coming designers. With this partnership with RIT, we are able to tap into a whole new creative talent pool filled with fresh, new and adventurous ideas. The students, within our program, also get some real life experience working in the design/trade show industry before they graduate and start their careers. By being involved with the RES/RIT program, the students are able to collaborate and work on actual trade show booth designs, and watch the project go from conceptualization, to creation to fabrication and completion all within one semester.

It’s exciting for us to be so tapped into the Rochester community both with RIT and our additional partnership with ARTPEACE, a nonprofit group bringing art and education to our city’s youth. As a company who survives on creativity, art and design is our livelihood and we need to keep it alive and in our schools (both public, private and collegiate).

We thank County Executive Maggie Brooks for all the work that she is going within the Rochester community, and for coming in to meet our staff.  We are lucky to be based in Rochester, NY.

For more information on job openings at RES Exhibits, Click Here.

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3D Design Elements Coming Into Play

In the age of digital media and technology, we are seeing the creativity of design and their limitations pushed to their outermost edges. Companies and their designers are beginning to take bigger risks in their creative choices, and are implementing new and exciting design elements into their print and digital media. It’s no shock as we see our business implementing more and more technology into our everyday lives, we will begin to see our creative become more interactive and alive. We found an amazing collection of 3d inspired logos from the Spoon Graphics Blog… take a look:

The traditional rule of thumb is that a logo is a flat design using just one colour, but as digital technologies develop these kinds of rules can be bent or broken in favour of more impressive and graphical designs. This showcase rounds up a collection of logos with impressive 3D elements in their design” - Click here to see the entire collection of new 3d inspired logos

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Trade Show Language: Talking the Talk

If you’re in the trade show industry, manage the exhibit program for your organization, or are looking to break into the the exhibit world you know that this business has a language all of its own. If you’re coming into this industry for the first time, or are switching exhibit houses, you may find yourself having to deal with a whole new set of terms.

At RES, we use a lot of technical terms and acronyms with our clients when managing their trade show programs. We have compiled a list that we send out to everyone as they enter the RES doors and with the help of Exhibitor Online’s glossary of terms, we are able to communicate with our clients and the rest of the trade show world clearly, and effectively.

RES and Industry Terms: 

  • B/LRES

Bill of Lading: A document that will state the terms between a shipper and a transportation company for the transport of goods between specific locations for a specified fee. A Bill of Lading can be a:

- Clean Bill of Lading
A receipt issued by a transportation company indicating that the transported properties were received without damage


- Foul Bill of Lading
A receipt issued by a transportation company indicating that the transported properties were damaged when arriving at their destination.

  • BOM

Bill of Materials: is created by the Design Department prior to the project being released to the shop for production.

  • CAD

Computer-Aided Design: This is the type of design files that the designers and project engineers use to when creating their exhibit designs.

  • Control Drawings

A drawing which gives detailed diagrams and instructions for building each specific component of an exhibit.

  • CNC Drawings

These are drawings created by the project engineer for the computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines which will cut the properties pieces on their own.

  • Drayage

The movement of show materials from shipping dock to a booth for show set up and then back to dock for return shipment at the end of the show.

  • EAC

Exhibitor Appointed Contractor: A contractor hired by an exhibitor to perform trade show services independently of show management appointed contractors. Also called an Independent Contractor.

  • Exhibitor Kit

A packet of information which contains all rules, regulations and service forms for a show. This kit is usually e-mailed to exhibitors by show management.

  • Floor Manager

An individual representing show management who is responsible for the exhibit floor.

  • General Contractor

A company selected by Show Management to provide services to a trade show and its exhibitors. Also called Official Contractor.

  • I&D

Installation & Dismantle: Also known as Set Up and Take-down

  • Island Booth

Any booth which is exposed to aisles on all 4 sides

  • Kinetic Graphic

Any multimedia file used on a monitor, Microsoft Surface Unit, iPad, or other new technology interface.

  • Lead Retrieval

A manual or automated system used to track and later follow-up with attendees of a trade show.

  • Linear Booth

An exhibit that only has one side exposed to an aisle and is constructed in a continuous line along an aisle. Sold in increments of 10’ - i.e.: 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 20’, 10’ x 30’, etc.

  • Loading Dock

An area within an exhibit hall where freight is received and shipped.

  • Overtime Labor

Work which is performed outside normal working hours – i.e.: nights, weekends, or after the due date has passed. Overtime work is charged at a higher rate.

  • RFPN*

Request for Project Number: is the first form filled out when beginning a project. This form will assist a CSM when opening a job in the ERP System so the job can be processed through the RES building. This form will also alert the client of crucial deadlines and must be signed to by the client to proceed with a job.

  • Right to Work State

A state where no person can be denied the right to work because of their membership or non-membership in a labor union.

  • Set Up Drawings

Drawings which give detailed instructions for the how to put exhibit properties together during the installation of an exhibit.

  • Static Graphic

Any graphic which is printed onto a substrate including posters, fabric murals, vinyl graphics, and light boxes.

  • Straight Time Labor

Work performed during normal work hours at the standard rate.

  • Target Date

A date set by show management for the arrival of freight at an exhibit hall. Usually shipments received early or late are charged a penalty.

  • Truss

A structural element which can be hung above an exhibit for the purpose of hanging lighting equipment to illuminate an exhibit.

  • Union Steward

An on-site union official elected by union coworkers to oversee the union’s work in a facility and resolve any disputes over union jurisdiction. Also known as Shop Steward.

* Designates a proprietary RES acronym or description.                  

(Source: )

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Trade Show Survival Guide: E3 Edition

Some good tips and tricks for surviving life at a trade show! Thanks for sharing!


The almighty E3 Expo is upon us. Here are some pro-tips for the lucky few who get to attend the most important game industry trade show in the world:

1. Write everything down

Make sure someone takes copious notes during interviews. Every little detail, no matter how small,  must be on paper. It will allow you not only to build a body of knowledge on each journalist (personal interests, beats) but also make following up after each meeting an easier task.

2. Have all your assets (trailers, screens, fact sheets) in a FTP server

DVD-ROMs are so 2002. The best way to give the press all those assets you’ve spent the last two months working non-stop on is an FTP server. On one end, some journalists are now taking tablets or netbooks without optical drives to meetings. At the same time, you can bet your golden coins that their hotel has high-speed broadband, more than fast enough for a few hundred megabytes.

3. Invest in power bars and good ol’ H2O

Trade shows are busy times for everyone involved, from clients to account executives. Avoid fainting spells with lots of water and many, many power bars. You can have them for lunch and dinner, but we usually recommend a hearty breakfast to start the day with enough gas in the tank.

4. Go to bed early

At the risk of sounding like our mothers, we must insist on at least 5 hours of sleep. Hopefully 6. Sleep deprivation will wreak havok with your memory and stamina. Now, if you add clubs and margaritas to the mix, you might approach zombiedom in a day or two, tops. Split your nights in partying and rest nights to keep things on an even-keel, so to speak.

5. If recording video interviews or podcast, scout for a quiet spot

Film school taught us that sound can make or break a picture. Your movie can look like El Mariachi and thrive, but bad sound will make it feel cheaper than straight-to-video monster features. It’s worth your time to find a quiet (or quieter) spot for podcast recordings and video interviews. The press outlet will thank you for it and people on the interwebs will actually understand what you’re saying.

6. Bring extra batteries

Both Android and iOS devices consume energy like ferocious beasts. Don’t assume that your phone will last a full day under load. If you have an Android phone, invest in spare batteries. No kidding, we have 3 of those at home, two of them always charged. If you own an iPhone, buy one of those battery extenders. There’s nothing worse than dead smartphone during a trade show.

7. Have tethering and portable wi-fi hotspots as Plan B

You can NEVER trust the following during a trade show: (1) the show floor’s Internet connection (2) your hotel’s network. That’s why you need to make sure your mobile provider offers tethering for you phone — in case there’s an “issue” with the hotel. Similarly, trade shows are known for having shoddy Internet and mobile connections. Overcrowding is to blame most of the time, but it doesn’t mean you need to suffer everyone else’s fate. Bring your own wi-fi hotspot and enjoy the peace of mind.

8. Be flexible

Things may change in the last minute. Journos can be late, the client can get stuck at a publisher meeting. Use technology to your advantage to keep the pace: text messages are great for last-minute rescheduling, for example. Go with the flow, but make sure to respond to journalists immediately. They are usually in a much tighter spot than you are.

Android 2.2. Froyo USB Mass Storage Mount

9. Carry all your documents in your smartphone

Sorry iPhone owners, but this one is Android-specific. Use the mass storage capability of your phone to carry all your important files with you everywhere you go. We’ve been saved many times over by a spare copy of important documents. iPhone owners can rely on Dropbox but we still think local access is important. You heard it here first!

How about you? What are YOUR strategies for E3 survival?

Image credit (top): Rie H @ Flickr

Image credit: Android Central, Google

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Download the RES App directly onto your iPhone by scanning one of the codes above. Get connected with the best news, updates, information and design in the exhibit industry!

Or…Click Here!

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Download the RES App directly onto your Android phone by scanning one of the codes above. Get connected with the best news, updates, information and design in the exhibit industry!

Or…Click here!